Dear friends, family, and visitors:

You were probably expecting to be reading another new review here. Or maybe you were redirected here by one of your favorite artists. I’m grateful that you are here, and that you wanted to check out the site…but there’s something you must know:

I am no longer posting on here anymore. Let me explain.

I’ve been running this small free WordPress blog for several years now. In that time, I have written many reviews of albums I’ve loved, albums I’ve been listening to, and albums that artists and labels have sent me. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and I’ve been grateful that the site has gotten such traction. Currently, we’re sitting at 20,000 overall views, with about 400 already this month. I never expected it to get this far, and being able to support different artists and get them as much exposure as possible is exactly what I love doing.

It’s the passion of the latter that leads me to announce this: the blog is moving to

This is a move I’ve wanted to make for years, and tonight, I’ve finally made the switch. The domain name is officially mine, the site has been redesigned once again after some web programming errors on my part, and ALL of the reviews and content that have been posted here are now available there. Originally, today’s post would have been a review of the new Leigh Toro album, “Layers of Ash.” But now, that is over at the new site, as will all further reviews from this day forward.

This is the last post of this small WordPress blog, although I will keep the site up until December 31st. That should give plenty of time for you and other visitors to be redirected over to the new site. But note this: when January 1st of next year hits, this site will be gone forever, and the new one will take its place.

Thank you for following this blog over the past seven years. I hope you’ll continue the sonic adventure with me over at the new site, but if we don’t meet, thanks for either supporting or checking out the blog here.


Ian Felpel // The Death of CDs