Futuro Primitivo (a.k.a. Matyas Mon) is a post-electronica act from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Matyas developed a very personal vision of music and the current times being often credited as a “primitivist musician from the end of the world” and “the dark side of Manu Chao”. His music style comes from a combination of post-rock, IDM, nu-jazz and digital hardcore, retainning a characteristic sound using solely virtual instruments and processing. – from FuturoPrimitivo.com

The first time I heard Futuro Primitivo, I knew there was something special about the sound. I first listened to his track, “The Ballad of Sol Shurman”, and it was certainly this very electronic ballad, filled with glitch rhythms and ambient synths. It was one of the most beautiful songs I had heard at that point, and it led me to wanting more. Around December 2010, “Yesterday Was Ok, Today Is Dramatic” came out, an album I had been highly anticipating. I not only thoroughly enjoyed the album, but I had also included it in my Best of 2010 list. Therefore, this album obviously received a lot of honor from me.

The first track, “Are You Sleeping?”, starts out with a glitch beat, ambient pads, vocal sample of a political speech, and some bass. This continues on for a while until it segues into the next track, “Wake Up!”, which literally awakens listeners with an explosion of drums that sound extremely processed, continually changing throughout the piece. It’s a great start to the album, promising only more great things.

“Jorge Luis Borges Will Have His Revenge On Buenos Aires” is where the madness starts to taper off for a bit. An ambient intro leads to some glitch beats and an accordion loop. A dance beat then comes in to move the track forward. Out of any of Futuro Primitivo’s works, this is the most eclectic and interesting. The next track, “Running On Emptiness”, is at best a minimal techno track, though it is not entirely minimal, with it slowly rising up to a point, and then breaking down slowly to the end. Still, a great melodic track.

“Autumn Mornings” sounds somewhat like a Boards of Canada track, though without the lo-fi sound that they are known for. Still, the elements are here: IDM beats, nature samples, and nostaglic synths playing out great chord progressions. “Up and Down and Up Again” is almost exactly the same way, with the childish lullaby melodies bringing back memories of, well, childhood. The only difference here, however, is in the second half of the track, the madness that began at the beginning of the album makes its return, continuing into the arpeggio-filled track “Panorama,” which also has a drum-and-bass influence by the end of the track. Finally, the album closes out with “This is Always,” a melodic glitch track that again retains the lullabies of long ago.

It may not sound like much, and even at first listen, it may sound like a hard listen, but overtime, the album will grow on you. Once that happens, you cannot deny that it is one of the most unique albums you’ve heard in a while. One of the few albums that is able to bring back memories from long ago. Only a few artists such as BoC have done this, and Futuro Primitivo is rising up to be one of them. Certainly one of the best albums I’ve heard in 2010.

Album: Yesterday Was Ok, Today Is Dramatic

Artist: Futuro Primitivo

Genre: Post-electronica/glitch/IDM

Self-released in 2010

Buy the album here: http://futuroprimitivo.bandcamp.com/