“This is where s*** gets interesting. Quite possibly the most innovative concept I’ve ever thought of and will ever think of in music terms, Coral Orange takes your average shoegaze track, slows it down, sticks it in an endless loop, throws even MORE reverb/delay/chorus or whatever FX on it, and EQ’s it to hell and back. Sometimes it may add an everpresent kickdrum, but that rarely happens…Coral Orange is currently my most active pseudonym after the main one… and actually the most interesting.” – Sergey Konovalov, multi-genre producer

Well, it’s been a long time, but The Death of CDs is back with a new review. And boy, now is a good of a time as ever to write this particular review. It’s Christmas, a huge Nor’easter is blowing here in my town at the moment, and on top of all of that, I was recently sick the past week. Putting that all into play, we have the new 41-minute, 12 track ambient epic, “Corally Fixated”, by Coral Orange, which happens to be one of the many, multi-genre psuedonyms that young 15-year old Ukranian producer Sergey Konovalov has created for himself.

Basically, his quote at the top explains very blatantly what Coral Orange is all about. However, what it doesn’t describe is exactly the type of sounds that come out of his setup. The sounds that do come out is very interesting and, well, I should probably forewarn many of the audiophiles out there that are looking at this, and are already interested. Basically, this album is an ambient lover’s dream, but an audiophile’s nightmare. The sound here is very lo-fi, murky, and muffled, almost as if you were placed in someplace underwater, and the sounds are consistently buzzing in a lively fashion. If you were listening to the album with huge speakers, you wouldn’t here much of this lo-fi murkiness, as the acoustics of the room would simply drown those lo-fi artifacts out. However, since headphones or earbuds are very small, and have an extremely small space, if any, for drowning out the artifacts, so instead, you hear them crystal clear.

However, this lo-fi murkiness merely adds to the sound of the album. And the sound here is something Sergey would describe as being “very depressing, due to my state of mind and the season at the time of making the album, and would cause breakdowns if paired with bleak black-and-white imagery.” However, this isn’t exactly what I expected at all. What I heard was merely the real truth about winter: a savagely cold and windy place where the sight of snow triggers the mind into a state of mental breakdown. “The Shining” already made this truth about winter clear (a review of that will come later). However, the sounds here are nevertheless beautiful. Sure, there’s no beats, but it doesn’t matter, because with music this good, there doesn’t need to be beats. The most impressive thing, actually, is the heavily processed samples on the album. I did get some insight into two of the samples on the album, and for any music fan, if they found out what the samples were, they’d freak at what they’d discover. But of course, why try to degrade such a fabulous album that has fabulous made simple samples into beautiful mood pieces by trying to figure out what the samples are, and just take the album for what it is? The music industry is already under a lot of stress, and some of that comes from the controversy behind sampling. Really, with this album, it’s hard to tell what the samples are, which is for the better. And this album proves that the labels need to stop trying to control copyright, because after awhile, it’ll all collapse. Here, it’s so hard to figure out samples that it’s not even worth trying to figure it all out. Instead, it all comes down to how much we enjoy the album, not whether it has samples on it or not. And as far as enjoyment goes, this album went the whole way.

Overall, Coral Orange’s “Corally Fixated” is the most interesting ambient album since Gas’s works. It’s full of emotion, and yes, though some might call it depressing, I found it to be a beautiful piece of work.

Album: Corally Fixated

Artist: Coral Orange

Genre: Ambient

You can download this album here: https://anclearrecords.bandcamp.com/album/corally-fixated